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Audra Jon Hoover - Creative Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and Photographer based in York, PA


Creative Expression, Innovative Solutions

I strongly believe that if you are able, you should spend your life doing the things that you love. When I was a little girl, I would spend hours drawing and painting at a little round table that was in my bedroom. I vividly remember working carefully on a picture with a 70's style white vinyl tabletop with gold specs as the backdrop. In first grade, I remember that I was so passionate about art - and already becoming attentive to detail - that I tried to teach a classmate how to stay inside the lines when coloring.

Since those years, I have continued to develop my creative skills. I love creating and capturing life in a photograph or design. I enjoy helping an individual or organization express themselves or to convey the image that reflects their true essence. A friend once said to me, "Audra, you are a very visual person. You are always noticing details that I would never notice."

I graduated from Messiah College with a degree in Business Administration and International Business. As part of my education, I participated in a semester in Europe travelling through ten different countries, meeting with companies such as Nokia and Mercedes-Benz. Looking back, the most memorable aspects of the experience was observing the marketing techniques of the various corporations and also using my camera to capture the people, the sites, and the rich history of Europe on film.

Today, I continue to focus on detail. My camera is almost always by my side, ready to capture the perfect moment. As I travel, I notice and analyze various marketing techniques. As a designer and photographer, I focus my passion for design and art into providing you with innovative creative services. As a consultant, I analyze and offer strategic solutions.

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