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Getting Started: Questions to consider and answer

We understand that developing a website for the very first time can be overwhelming. Whether this is a new experience for you or you are considering re-designing your current website, it is our goal to make the process as simple and seamless as possible. In order to develop a site that is best suited to your needs and requirements, it is important for us to understand your business and your goals. Below is a list of questions that we would want to discuss with you prior to providing a quotation or working on a design for you.

  1. Describe your organization. What is its purpose? Its mission? What products or services do you offer? What benefits or advantages do you offer to your clients? What makes you unique?
  2. What would you like to accomplish with your website? (We suggest making a list and then prioritizing each item.)
  3. What information would you like to convey and emphasize? (Again, we would recommend making a list and prioritizing each item.)
  4. Who do you want it to reach? Who is your target market or audience?
  5. How often do you think you would want to make changes/updates to your site? Is there any information that you would need to change on a regular basis?
  6. Do you have any logos, photos, or other graphics that you would like us to use when designing and developing your site?
  7. Are there any websites for businesses similar to yours that you would like us to look at in order to better understand your business or industry? Any that you particularly like? Any that you don't like?
  8. Do you have any strong preferences regarding the design of the website? A certain look, feel, or color that you would like to use? (Would you like it to look modern? Traditional? Family-friendly?)

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