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Getting Started: Consultation
Contact us to discuss various web design and development options. We will discuss your answers to the questions outlined earlier either by phone, email, or in a face-to-face meeting (if possible) to decide on the best plan for your requirements within your budget limitations.

We will present a quotation to you based on the information that we have gathered. Packages range from basic at approximately $300 to $500 and upwards for deluxe packages. Upon your approval, we will begin the design and development process following our "Website Development Methodology."

Choose and register a domain name
You must register for a domain name or web address (i.e., for your website to be found online. The cost to register a domain name typically ranges anywhere from $5 to $10/year and needs to be renewed each year.

Choose a hosting plan
Once you have your domain name picked out, the next step is choosing a web host. Your domain name is simply a pointer to the physical location where your website (and all the information and images) is hosted, and email will reside. It can be very expensive to purchase a whole computer to hold your website, so most personal and small business websites share the computers they are on with other sites. This is called "shared" or "virtual" hosting. Hosting plans typically range from $6 to $20/month.

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